Important Information Regarding the Scenic Carlingford Ferry Loop Sportive 2018

2nd November 2018 – 12noon

It is with disappointment that we announce that, due to the inbound weather system due to

affect coastal areas of Northern Ireland on Saturday morning, the Scenic Carlingford Ferry

Sportive will not be able to take place as planned and advertised on the 3rd November 2018.

The Scenic Carlingford Ferry have just notified us that the ferry will be taken to a sheltered

location for the duration of the morning to avoid the high winds, that are forecast to be

upwards of 40mph. This has been the ultimate deciding factor in this decision, as without the

Scenic Carlingford Ferry, there cannot be a Scenic Carlingford Ferry Loop Sportive.

There are few scenarios that jeopardise an event of this nature, and high winds are top of the

list. With the high winds forecast in coastal areas, the poor visibility and heavy rain

impacting driving conditions for all road users, and the rural nature of the roads on the route,

it would be irresponsible of us to allow participants to risk cycling en masse on the open public

roads in these conditions.

By cancelling the event before event day, this allows us to postpone the event to a later date at

no additional cost – and we have already secured this date. The event will be held on 17th

November, at the same times, and with exactly the same format as advertised, and all

participants are automatically registered for this new date, and need do nothing further to


If for any reason a participant cannot make the event, we are offering an automatic deferral to

2019’s Scenic Loop Sportive or any other 26extreme event in 2018/2019, or the opportunity

to resell their pack, free of admin charge, to anyone who wishes to take part in the new date

but is without an entry.

We will set up the processes online, and issue formal instructions on MONDAY, 5th

NOVEMBER by 1pm on how to transfer and defer your entry if you wish to do so.

Team 26Extreme

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